Welcome to Legends Catering

We are now offering Packages!
These are preset packages of what our most popular selections are. We are offering a Basic, Premium, & Legendary!
Each package includes everything you need for a wedding reception.
Food, Staff, Bar Service, Linens, China, Glassware, Silverware & much, much, more.
Now we are not a company to inflate our prices just so we can give you a discount or other sales gimmick. So the discount is with the package and cutting down some of the work associated with customized wedding packages. So we pass that discount to you. The catch is that the packages can't be customized at all, but the savings should out weigh that.

This doesn't mean that we will stop with our in depth customized wedding planning catering menu where a client can choose each and every option of their reception. We are offering packages to the clients that don't really want to pick out their napkin fold, and don't want too many options.

We will have our New Menu coming out soon!
Along with other optional services, stations for our clients.