Wedding Pricing


 We have discontinued our package pricing!

We are always looking to improve our services and one thing that was asked of us was to start 

offering pre-set packages. We tried to put together 3 price point packages based on what we thought would work for our clients. Unfortunately we were wrong. It just made explaining them harder and clients not getting exactly what they wanted or paying for things they didn't want because they were included in the package. 

So we are back to what we feel our clients deserve. Each wedding is unique and each client wants and needs different things. So we will always give our clients a custom quote based on exactly what they want. 

We will advertise a basic package based on sample services and menu items, but this is a sample package with a real prices for those services. This is not meant to be misleading. Only to offer a price point to what a package may cost. 

We will offer venue specific packages, as requested by some venues, but this is more of a starting point based on requirements of the venue. We will still customize the package to your wedding needs. 

Thank you for your patience with our misstep. 

We appreciate the feedback from our clients in regard to this matter.